Me and a friend are trying to start up a new band. Our old one had to expire when we left college to go home, so we're looking for new members!

I am the guitarist. My influences cover a wide spectrum, but if they had to be boiled down, they would fit into blues, hard rock, punk, metal, indie, and grunge.

My friend's the bassist. His influences are mainly groove, jam, and blues. Once again, he has many more influences.

We're seeking a drummer and vocalist who appreciate classic rock, but any other influences are welcome as well. For vocalists, however, we don't want screaming or growling, but rather someone who can sing with their natural voice and possibly hit higher notes. Well-placed screams are cool though.
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I saw your ad while i was job searching and am VERY interested. I've been trying to find a group to get in with for a while. I am a drummer of about 8 years, i can also sing, play a little guitar and bass, and have dabbled on piano. I even had a brief foray into Hip-Hop. My influences are mostly punk, metal, screamo, and indie. But i am literally down to be a part of anything that lets me go ham on a drum set. I currently have a 5-piece wood shell ludwig kit w/ Remo Emporer Heads, double kick pedal, 14" Solar (by Sabian) high hat w/ pedal clutch, and 22" Sabian ride, i am missing crash cymbals(i recently cracked them as i play kinda heavy, hope to remedy that soon). i'm in SW roanoke near tanglewood mall. Hit me up!!


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