Hello Pit.

I just got a phonecall from the local grocery store and I have an interview next teusday at 7am. I hate early mornings but oh well lol.

Does anyone have any advice for me that might help me out with the interview?

You can post advice that involves Mudkipz if you must, but include some non-pokemon related as well =)

cheers pit.
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Look the interviewer in the eye and say "hayyy guiiisee lets play yahtzeee."
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Dress up as your favorite vegetable to show your enthusiasm in greengrocery.
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dress relatively nicely, be confident, but not cocky, be polite and look your interviewer in the eyes
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say you want the job because you are looking for a new challenge
Say hi, don't take off your pants, and you should be good.
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If they ask you work-related questions, try to come up with specific examples. An elaborate (but fairly brief) story involving detail will gain you far more points than a general example or something of the like.

Be clear, but concise. Again, details, but keep it to the facts and only the necessary information.

Be courteous and lively. Smiling is a big part of this. To work at a grocery store, they want you to appear to be a hard worker with good people skills, because those are required to perform your job functions.

And, remember: Stay calm. Think about what you're going to say before you say it. Don't leave with regrets of should-haves or should-not-haves.
Well seeing as you already got some non-pokemon related suggestions...

Use your Mewtwo to influence their thoughts so you get the job easy and can go home and sleep.

And, if the interviewer's a hot chick, Metaldud's told us that Stun Spore is an effective sedative for rape.
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best advice ever..

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....it's a grocery store. They'll probably just interviewing you to make sure you're not fucking stupid and/or can breathe.
As far as looks go, since it's only a grocery store, dress casually, but make sure it's nice. You don't need to wear a suit or anything...
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....it's a grocery store. They'll probably just interviewing you to make sure you're not fucking stupid and/or can breathe.

agreed. I work at my local Shaw's. my interview was basically me going in and the manager going over rules and what not and talking about my schedule. there were no like.. questions to see if I was qualified.

but as previously said: shake hands, be confident, look your interviewer in the eyes, and then ask if they liek mudkipz
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