hey i need some advice if you will. So lately ive been bored on my guitar playing the same stuff over and over so i was hoping some people in the pit could suggest something...just something that is fun to play
Technical Difficulties
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Battery, The four horsemen, Angel of Death, Hourglass, Scarified, Technical Difficulties, Master of puppets, Dead Skin Mask, Disciple, Prince Charming, Dream on, rollin, Too Tough to die, Suicide Messiah, Fire it up (need a talk box), Stricken, Raining Blood, One, Fade to black, In this river solo, Sanitarium, Jump into the fire, Fight fire with Fire, Ride the lightning

Under the Bridge is actually really fun to play on the guitar. After I learned it, I couldn't stop playing it.
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It would help if you list a genre.

I never get tired of playing Crazy Train and Paranoid
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you just named the ones that im playing over and over again but thanx lol
Playing guitar sucks
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AC/DC. Play it hard and play it loud.

Foreplay/Longtime is fun to play as well.
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Playing guitar sucks

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mostly rock and stuff like metallica

Can you be a bit more specific? You mean old school thrash stuff like metallica, megadeth, slayer, testament, etc.?

If that's what you mean, then:
Testament - Souls of Black
Megadeth - Tornado of souls
Pantera - Psycho Holiday