so im getting into open and drop tunings, im already using open D tuning does. anyone else know any other tunings that wont mess up my guitar?
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Open G. But any tuning that doesn't send any string more than 3 semitones below the normal pitch should be fine.
^yeah. I don't see how tuning them down will hurt much but tuning high will put increased strain on the neck of the guitar and you are more likely to snap strings.
Tuning low will mess it up because it's designed to take a certain amount of strain, so without that strain present it'll warp.
yeah, you shoulsn't really leave a guitar with no strings on as the neck is designed to have the strain of the strings.

Goo goo dolls use some good tunings that involve high/low strings... Iris is awesome to play in B D D D D D

Also 'Name' uses DADAAE

check the tabs on this site for an idea
why not tune down to the tuning, play the song and then tune back to E Standard?

you can tune up too but not too much in case of string snapping.
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