I don't really have a problem with bleeding or skin contusions and such on my fretting hand, but I was wondering if there's a way (besides incessant playing) to keep those calluses rock-hard. Whenever I wash my hands or take a shower, they get soft (and when I don't wash, people start this bullcrap about me smelling bad), and when I don't play for a few days (like when I'm on vacation) they almost go away. Even after I play a bunch, they get soft.

Someone told me there's a chemical that you can dip the tips in, and it'll kill the skin and make big scars.

Does anyone have any good ideas for making your calluses harder?
Poke them with a pinhead for a while?

I used to just run my fingers up and down the strings while pressing down the frets for a few minutes to help when I was starting out.
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Does anyone have any good ideas for making your calluses harder?

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um....... rubbing alcohol might help
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No matter how hard the skin is, once you wet it enough for the water to soak in, its going to get soft. But anyway, I did what black-sabbath said; his second suggestion.
^Bam. Play acoustic for 10 minutes everyday and your callouses will be in great shape.
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yep just play acoustic as well cuz it helps harden the callouses n strengthen the fingers too... i love how when i wake up in the morning my hands r dry so the callouses are rock hard lol... then after i wash n shower n stuff they're soft for a while... the one thing that bothers me tho is that my callouses aren't straight so the tips of my fingers are all oddly shaped and half the time i'm not playing im staring at them n trying to push down the uneven parts to make them flat lol... but it never works... guess it's just an OCD thing i got...
play bass... my callouses didnt go away until i had to stop playing for a month. your callouses will be rock f-ing hard if u play bass an hour a day

i would know, i cant feel my fingers typing this
Play acoustic and run cold water over your finger tips.

You don't want to kill the skin on your finger tips, it will be incredibly painful. A callous isn't dead skin, it is where the skin has built up a resistance (from incessant playing) and the skin has got harder.

Pain is your body telling you to stop, don't risk getting friction scars (they are like pink callouses) because then you won't be playing guitar very much at all.
Eric Clapton recommends using rubbing alcohol on your finger tips up to 3 times a day to keep them nice and dry.
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