I have a Garrison acoustic/electric guitar. I noticed that there is a button on it labeled "B-ch". When pushed in the light next to it turns on red and it has to be held in for the the light to remain on. The thing is, I don't know what it does at all, as holding it in doesn't change the sound of the guitar or anything. Any suggestions to what it might be for?
Could it switch channel on an amp? like an abbrieviation for b channel?

I'm probaly wrong....
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I have that same button, and I dont know what it does..
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yeh,, battery check

mine's got a little switch tht says Phase...im guessing it means a phaser?
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It sounds like your acoustic uses a stereo pickup, the switch will either move the 2 signals in or out of phase with eachother, allowing for 2 different sounds