Hey guys, I have an AFS75T Ibanez artcore and im looking to change out the pickups in it. For the bridge I already decided on a Gibson Dirty Fingers pickup. Now what i am confused on is the neck pickup. Should i get a DiMarzio DP213 PAF Joe Satriani Pickup or a Gibson 496R Hot Ceramic Humbucker? Dont suggest EMGs, they are in my other guitar. my styles are All Rock, Metal and blues, but for the neck pickup i want good cleans and good solos
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Seymour Duncan '59? Personally, I think it's one of the best neck pick-ups I've used. You can get a nice and thick, creamy tone with the right EQ settings.
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I'll 2nd the Duncan 59's. I also use JB bridge and Jazz Neck in another guitar. I also like PRS Dragon II's!
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59 would be a good choice.
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