Guys I'm bored as hell and I need a free program that can make beats. Like rap beats and all. And I'll be adding vocals/editing in audacity so it needs to be something I can export as an mp3 and open in audacity. I would use my instruments but it's like 12 AM and everyone's asleep.

Edit: Just because I know how you guys are. No rap bashing like I said I'm bored and rap is easy.
My friend uses the Fruity Loops Studio demo version to make all his beats, and they're really good. You can probably torrent a cracked version of this as well, to have access to all the features.
I've been looking for a good free "MIDI drum" program to.

I'll stay tuned into this one

And bashing on hip-hop isn't cool.
It just shows you can't have variety.

Yeah mainstream s*cks.
But all mainstream does.

But never bash on underground