omen 6 FR is really good so i think this too since they are pretty much the same both omen 7 has 7 strings

i payed 250 but iot was totally new here in mexico on stores is at 500 I think you should buy it cause that`s a very good price for the guitar it is
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One hundred bucks... Go for it!

Often times the LFRs (Licenced Floyd Roses) get a bad reputation, but since it's just the basic seven string... It won't have any problems...

The omens were made to be very bare bone, solid guitars... If you treat it well, it will treat you well.
For $100 you better buy that thing. ive played one before and they are pretty decent.
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Do that **** up man, because the trem is your only minor issue with it, that can be replaced or blocked down the line. And if you do buy it, walk into my office in my sig