This past summer I decided I wanted to graduate from tabs and learn to play songs only from sheet music and not from tabs. Now my sight reading has improved alot, but I am still struggling alot. I have yet to learn 1 complete song this summer... I can count rythyms fine, and I can find notes on the fretboard relatively fast, but doing both at once throws me off. Its too many things to do at once. What are some exercises I can do besides just sight reading everything I can find?

Any good books for sight reading? All the ones i find at guitar center are for learning how to sight read.
Get a Real Book. Sight read all of those jazz standards.
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Get a Real Book. Sight read all of those jazz standards.


and use a metronome there is a difference between reading and sightreading learn classical too a lot of sight reading involved
what about reading chords? i have enough trouble finding a single note at a time. I end up just stopping and figuring out how to finger that chord, and then from there I know how to figure it only from memory.
Hey greekorican5,
I recommend Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master.
It's totally adjustable to the users level and works on reading notes with rhythms. I've looked around and there's nothing for guitar or bass software that deals with sight-reading but this. The download site with some info is www.prolevelguitar.com
PS it does chords as well. From what I can see, you can upgrade the software to a whole bunch of tools I haven't seen before... there's some videos on them.