First, is it normal to be frustrated when you first start learning solos? I'm trying to find solos to learn, but I always stop, because I'm afraid it's too fast. I'm pretty sure that I just have to try anyway. I mean, how can I learn to play fast if I don't ever try to play fast? But I would like a second opinion.
Also, I have a lot of trouble playing with a metronome....I try to play fast things at a slow tempo to practice, but I don't always know the notation for notes. I try to get the feel for it, but I don't know if I play it right. It's kinda hard to play slow when the song is so fast at normal speed. I can't always hear things when they're so fast. I don't if you guys can help me with that though
Hmm. There's alot of questions there. I'll see what I can do

You shouldn't try to play solos or faster things in general at full speed at first. Take it slow to begin with as you memorize the parts, or if you can't play that fast yet. You have to develop speed gradually. You'll probably do more harm than good if you try to play too fast. Your fingers will remember the wrong things to do instead of the right things you'll do when you play slowly.

Playing with a metronome takes time to get used to. You need to get better rhythm, just like you get better at other skills. Take it slow at first, and concentrate on getting it right. You'll soon be able to speed it up. Just take your time and don't rush yourself or get frustrated. Don't spend more time than you want to on it. The worst thing you can do is to not enjoy playing.

If you want to slow songs down to listen to, try the Amazing Slow Downer. Google it. It's free, but you need to pay to use all the features.

Basically, take it slow. Get faster gradually. That applies to any new techniques you learn. Playing it perfectly slower is better than screwing it up faster.
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I agree with the above post.^

Speed (that is good speed) is the byproduct of excellent technique. If you try to play fast without the technique and understanding, then your playing will sound extremely messy.
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