hey guys. ive been playing an epiphone sheraton II for a few years now and its served me etremely well. ive had very few problems with it ( only had to have the truss rod messed with and the pots cleaned out once in like four years) and it plays pretty well. I play mainy blues/rock stuff such as JET, The Black Keys, etc. Anyhow, lately i have been felling a little down regarding my tone and i was wondering if its time for a pickup change. It still has its stock pickups, which i relize are generally regarded as ****ty, but ive never noticed any huge lack of tone with them. I guess i would go with the classic 57's if i did change them. Is it worth it and or how much difference will it make/how much will i notice????

Here's my gear if its of any consequence:
Marshall jcm2000 tsl60 w/1960 cab
zvex vexter fuzz factory
dod flashback fuzz
mxr classic fuzz (the square one)
fulltone fat boost 2
fulltone fulldrive 2 Mosfet
oh nothing... just bein' myself...what? oh this? this is just my package...yeah... god delivered it, I signed for it, world keeps on spinnin'