Hey guys

I bought an LTD M-400 a couple months ago, have been babying it ever since. Like most floyd rose equipped guitars, it came with and set up for 9s.

Today I felt it was the time to change these strings to my preferred 11s, so after much, much, trouble I finally got them on. I also pretty much took the fr apart and put it back together again in the process but it works. In changing the high E string though, I accidently turned the pivoting screw or whatever it's called. I carefully turned it back, not really knowing how much I turned it in the first place, and I'm worried that I may have messed something up. The action at the twelfth fret is 2.5 mm in the bass at 2mm in the treble, and yes I know it's all personal preference but I was comfortable with how it was stock, so I was wondering if this was higher than normal.. lower?

I checked the intonation with the twelfth fret harmonics also, sounded dead on to me. Should it need to be adjusted? Also, after putting on the 11s I noticed the fr was tilting big time forwards, so I tuned to d standard to ease the tension, put it pretty much near parallel. I might be buying another spring soon if I choose to go back to e standard but whatever.

Overall, is there anything else that I missed that should be adjusted in the transition from E standard with 9s to D standard with 11s? Ive heard some people say they screwed with the truss rod, but I don't think the change is really that big. I know it's a long post, thanks to anyone who can help!
add the spring, level the bridge.

if you want you can also lower the bridge posts a little, then do, see if the action is ok that way.

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