yup its another amp thread. srry about that guys but im a bit lost... i really need a new amp, the one i have sounds very bad(it came with my squire), but now ive been playing a while and i need a new amp. i have a schecter hellraiser fr, so i kinda feel bad for playing it through a fender bullet amp lol. i have 510 dollars stashed away but im willing to wait as long as it takes to get a really good amp. im going to start getting gigs soon so i need more then 15 watts. i would like a tube amp but if its a good solid state, i wont complain. i play alot of metallica, system of a down, nine inch nails, RATM, disturbed, and three days grace. but i do sometimes play a more bluesy style. i want it for metal and hard rock first and if it works good with the lighter stuff, good, but if not whatever. Thanks in advance!
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I think UG needs to shut down for a day and give everyone a tutorial on how to locate the "Search bar".

Check out something like a Randall RG50...

Maybe a Peavey Valveking.

Save a little more and check out a used Peavey JSX.
i know about the search bar lol i just wanted a personalized response.
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i know about the search bar lol i just wanted a personalized response.

Well if there is another thread that already answers your question then technically its against the rules to post a new thread.

Also... it gets pretty freaking old seeing the same thread over and over and over again.

Check out the amps that I mentioned - they are all pretty much hard rock/metal oriented.

Have a nice night... or whatever time of day it is where you are
A Laney VC30 would be a good decision if you're England cause they're good amps but pretty overpriced everywhere but England. Check out a used 5150 if you can too.
he did say he was willing to save up (which is rare) and has $500 now.

good start. where in the world do you live and are you opposed to used gear (sometime the best option)

you want Blues to Metallica to Modern right?

i live in NJ, i would rather not have used stuff but i would look into it, and yah blues - metallica - modern rock
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it may be possible to do Blues to Metallica to Modern Metal with a new amp at $500 but I think you will be hard pressed.

imo only - if your budget was $700 and you could go used - then i think your options would open up.

i was/am in the same boat...only add the Fender cleans to the mix and it gets tougher. The amps that I am aware of humbly would be 5150-3, Splawn maybe, Mesa.

Used Peavey JSX, XXX, Classic 30s are worth a look. The latter more for blues and classic more then metal.