So Im thinking about getting a warmoth done sometime down the road and I was planning it out earlier to get an idea of the price and I realized that for bass necks you really dont get a choice for the neck shape.

Anyone here either own or has played on a warmoth neck and how do they feel?

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My cousin has one, and it's great. It wasn't sticky at all, which I didn't expect, and he said it came in the mail straight.
This is pure hearsay, so take it for what it's worth: in the building and customizing forum, people usually suggest getting a carvin neck instead of a warmoth, not because of better quality neccessarily, but because the warmoth necks are so overpriced.
Flame Maple Neck with Brazilian Rosewood fretboard by Warmoth are awesome.

My friend bought a bunch of parts from Warmoth and made a Jazz bass with them and it is the best bass I've ever played.

I recommend getting a neck by them.
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