Well, I just started teaching myself the guitar about a month ago and just recently bought a nice acoustic guitar (Ibanez AEL20R or something like that) and am heading to university in about a couple of weeks and wanted to know what are the essentials. Like I understand one of those songs most everyone atleast knows is stairway to heaven, i just recently learne the song and its helped me greatly with my picking and im wondering what other songs out there are pretty common amongst most guitar players that when practicing helps build some important skills. Thanks a bunch.
stairway is good for improving technique, but its a bit clichee. wonderwall is a good acoustic song, and if you can sing it as well then thats a good place to start.
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Thanks, im going to make wonderwall my next project any other suggestions?
Music Theory is the only thing that comes to mind when I think of "The Essentials." Even that is debatable.
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blink182 helped me ALOT when i started.
simple riffs and stuffs are fun

Yeah Ive learned whats my age again and adams song, i got the power chords down and some simple quick picking and working on some alternating picking on songs like good riddance. Also am trying to get arpeggios with house of the rising sun, learning how to play it without soudning completyl horrible lol. When I think about it tho, blink was the first stuff i learned adn would recommend that as the best starting spot.

And im reading into basic music theory, should i start looking into scales maybe?