There's a certain song that's playable on myspace, but the actual album hasn't come out yet. Is there any way I could get the song from myspace so that I can listen to it in my car? (by the way, downloading straight from the site is disabled).
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i don't know if it works for all programs, but in audacity (just look for it) theres like an option for what to record. it's set to microphone but if you set it to stereo mix you literally just turn the sound up (i like to connect my headphones so i dont have to listen to it so loud) and just record.
^Agreed for both comments... I think there's workarounds that may work- try googling them (I'm not sure myself...), or you can use a recording program and record the mix. Personally, I'd say downloading directly would be better, but I have no idea... how's the sound quality when you record it?
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it's perfect.
i recorded this chick SoKo off of youtube playing live in some cafe and it came out sweet.
it sounded like just some regular old live version.
and when you record nice clean tracks it sounds uber good.
Yeah, I tried rudie's method and it worked perfectly. However, the first method named also had an option to download whatever file the band actually put up, rather than the crappy low-quality myspace version, so I'm trying that, then I'll compare.
Get the "DownloadHelper" Firefox application.
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They sound exactly the same. Rudie's method is a bit more work, but for whatever reason, the File2HD method takes forever to download it. In the end, they're both pretty much equal in terms of how good they are.


I get fantastic speeds with File2HD. Literally no more than about 5 seconds per track.
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