hey, i've been playing bass for about 3 years now, and i still have the same bass as i started out with, a greg bennett signiture fairlane bass (link, just incase someone wants one http://www.bmusic.com.au/prod1725.htm). I was just wondering when you guys think you should upgrade to a better bass??

i'm not sure about the basses... but my guitar... i had my first guitar for like 1.5 year.. maybe 2... and then all of the sudden i realized it's not enough... i wanted to expand my sound etc...

i think it's time for you to do so, because you wouldn't be asking that if you would be just satisfied with your first bass
but hey man that's just my opinion

EDIT the link doesnt work... this one should http://www.bmusic.com.au/prod1725.htm
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