So... I'm looking to replace my zoom multi effects with individual pedals, I used to have a huge collection but thought it'd be good to sell them all and use a fraction of the money to get a multi effects and have regret it ever since! I just really think (most of them) sound cheap and artificial.

I'm looking for an auto wah today and am wondering how the danelectro pedals are? I've been offered an french fries (auto wah) for £10 but am just thinking that I've seen bundles of these pedals for pretty cheap so does anyone have any experience with them? Just any danelectro will do just to see the overall quality.

as always, you get what you pay for... if you have loads of money then they are cheap ass... if you are skint then they are a bargain.

if you arent gigging they will be fine. if you are gigging, they will probably fine too...
Thank you please.
those mini pedals aren't bad for the price, they just have a bit of a reputation for being fragile - i'm not sure about that myself, there's a lot of danelectro-hate around here.

i've seen people gig with them, but as deadlydunc says, you get what you pay for. there are better auto-wahs out there, but not for £10.
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remember the phrase "you get what you pay for. "
danelectro pedals are cheap. it's knid of a hit and miss pedal. some sound good, other plain suck.
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Well, these go from my experience.

Fab Chorus
- I own this, and love it. I paid £20 for it over a year ago, and it has three knobs. Mix, Speed, Depth. There isn't too much of a range of chorus sounds, but the sound I found a year ago, I'm still happy with now. Simple, but gets the job done.

Fab Overdrive
- I also own this (But haven't used it from the time when I bought my Boss DS-1 and SD-1 pedals) and well, it's not too good. It gets the job done, and it's an okay starter pedal, but there is quite a lot of buzz, and the overdrive isn't fantastic.

Fab Metal
- I owned this for a week before it crapped out and I swapped it for the Fab Overdrive, it was alright, a lot of buzzing, but it had quite a lot of distortion (more than the Fab Distortion & Overdrive).

Fab Distortion
- Not as good as the overdrive or metal pedals, sterile, sounded like junk to me.#

Those are the only Dano pedals I've played, they're okay for starter pedals but there is better out there. The only one I'd seriously consider is the Fab Chorus. As for things like the Fish N' Chips EQ, I've never tried them so I have no opinion on them.
I have the fish and chips works decent for the price. The fab pedals are just cheap and not very good. The flanger knobs seem to make little difference to the sound when you adjust them. And I have the chorus the batt door broke the first day. So save your money and buy something better. The only pedal I still use is the fish n chips as volume booster on a SS bass amp I have.
I have a danelectro distortion only because I have a danelectro 1956... just cheap junk, sounds bland and will never leave my house... hmm unless on ebay or in the bin
it completely depends. like, a fabtone (the old metal beige thing thats just a massive horrendous fuzz) into a fish and chips is ridiculously cheap and just sounds huge and incredible. but some of their stuff is pretty nasty.
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Thanks for the replies everyone and thanks adamDK for the mini reviews :p

I'm going to leave getting it, I've learned myself recently that yes you do get what you pay for, there's no point in settling for mediocre when for a little more you can get reliable quality, it's just that with this being pre-owned I thought I may be getting a bargain.

I was worrying about Danelectro because I remember trying a few of them in a shop, it was years ago though so I thought they may have improved since, but like Tackleberry said I remember them being kind of unresponsive and just plain sounding. I'm gonna just spend a little bit more and get something a bit more in the high range. Maybe the MXR M120!

Thanks again