Hey, for ages (2 years) I've been contemplating getting Stratocaster, in Australia the7y can be quite pricy but dismorning I purchases a Black American Deluxe Stratocaster, it's got 3 fender noisless pickups, it is second hand, made in 1999 I believe, I payed $1200 (new they are almost 3 grand) Australian for it! it looks and sounds mad!! having a blast with it, just wondering if anyone else has a late 90's strat and if so how have they found it... before today I've had a Maton MS500 which I bought 2 years ago, which was around the same price as the strat was.
welcome to the strat club my friend!

that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, shame i dont have that kind of money
i myself am an owner of a fender deluxe players stratomacaster :]

i do plan on buying a proper american 60s strat someday though, although that is only a dream at the moment haha

well done on the purchase though!
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I'll upload pics later tonite, my Digital Camera battery is charging....it has no scratches, infact I don't think its been played and if it has I think he missed the neck and strings lol. not a dint scratch, fade, depression, or anything at all, the guy who sold it to me sells second hand guitars and has been for a long time, he's a friend of my dads so I know he wasnt out to rip me off, he said he got this one from a rehersal studio owner who never played it coz hes a heavy les paul player etc.
Nice, Im gettin meself a 3 grand Tele next month
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