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I'll copy some notes from my music project's blog.


Verse 1:
TV's in my head,
I can't turn it off.
Shampoo ads and family dramas
Don't let me think straight
If I screw up my life
I'll lay the blame on them
But I screwed up my life and
I'm the one to blame

I'll make you a planet
If that's what you want
I'll make you a planet
If that will make you happy

Verse 2:
TV's in my head
It just won't go off
My head's a commercial
For deranged sadists and
I'm a prison
For all the psychos on Earth
And I thought I could just
Shut it down but


* Intro (Starts with bass slide. Based around A5-G5-F5-E5. Played on a clean guitar. Distorted lick comes in halfway.)

* Chord Intro (Bass comes in. Am/G/F/E, two times. Lick comes in halfway through the second time, slightly after the beat to create an unstable entry into the verse.)

* Verse 1 (Am/G/F/E, repeated. Strumming is lax and irregular.)
* Chorus (A5-G5-F5-E5, repeated once. The chords are played on a distorted guitar.)
* Chord Breakdown (Am/G/F/Em. Distorted guitar plays a lick. The bass guitar pops the root notes lazily, ends by sliding down to the 12th fret for entry into the verse.)
* Verse 2 (Same chords as Verse 1. Aim was to make chords more sparse in the second verse. Volume dips towards the middle then rises, creating contrast.)
* Cut-off Chorus (A5-G5-F5-E5, once only. First line of chorus is dragged on to the instrumental breakdown over the Dm chord, creating a dissonance.)
* Instrumental Breakdown (Based around Dm/Em/Am. Also a bass solo over this part. And volume swells on the E and G note. The rhythm guitar is on the bridge pickup for this section.)
* Chorus (Final two times. Voice is panned from zero reverb to full reverb.)
* Solo (Final line of chorus dragged on to two repeats of the chorus chords, played by the clean guitar. Based around chorus chords, verse chords come in later on. Guitar solo. Extremely short delay to obtain a wet, thick sound. Tone knob turned all the way up for higher-pitched sound. Aim was to get a squealing noise without resorting to harmonics. Lead guitar panned very slightly from right to left repeatedly at the middle of the solo. Solo is based around a combination of the Dorian mode and the A minor pentatonic scale. The rhythm guitar ends on the final E chord being pounded violently. The solo extends up to the Dorian mode, pans from the left to right, and ends with a slide on the right channel.)

Notes: Recorded using an Ibanez Gio guitar and a Micro BR recorder in 30 minutes. One-take for each track.
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