last year i sprained my wrist or something (xrays showed nothing, no sprain was obvious) doctors didnt help, was bad for bout 6 months before it suddenly came good. the pain were always in the same spot, the side that doesnt have the thumb on it.. the join where the tendon or w/e it is, is.

i started playing guitar about 5 months ago now, and other than the previous 2 weeks have been having a blast. however, my wrist has gone bad again thus no playing for the past two weeks. but my wrist is still bad.

im just curious as to if anyone knows if i should continue guitaring for the moment, leave it another week, possibly see a doctor again, just play or try something else (like bass which doesnt nesecarily need picking)?

How did you sprain (or whatever) it? From the basic description it just sounds like sth that will go away if you continue using it - but with caution
What caused the sprain? It could be a pinched nerve or some other type or nerve damage.
it sounds like you've damaged a tendon. I wouldnt play rhythm for a while, you could cause further damage. you should be ok if you anchor your hand and play lead though.
this is what was so odd last year when i first saw the doctor. other than the odd fall or catch or something i dont know what had caused it.

can someone explain a pinched nerve further or shall i google it? that may be it as its always that side.
I personally would go to a doctor (preferably a different one to the one who did nothing last time) and get it checked out. You don't wanna end up screwing up your wrist for good. If it is a pinched nerve they may lead to other things like Carpal Tunnel, but I imagine it really depends on each individual circumstance. I know that pinched nerves often have symptoms like numbness in the area or a weird pins and needles sort of feeling, so if you've had either of them, get it checked out. Hell...even if you haven't I'd get it looked at anyway.
how high or low do u play ur guitar
wen i started playing mine low myw rist hurt for ages

if u play low raise ur guitar and see if that helps
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My physio tells me


If your pain lasted 6 months, its probably something to do with damaged cartilage or ligaments. These damages will not show on an x-ray, so go back to a physio and get a ligament scan, shows if any are broken etc.

If it was constant for 6 months it's probably a growing thing, depends on your age. Also there is something called Osgoods Schlatter's disease, is when ligaments tug at the bone and pull it away. I have this on my knee atm, very painfull indeed, but you will know if you have it or are starting to get it when a tender lump develops.

Cheers, btw im the expert on this stuff, i injured almost everything any man could
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^ Yeah, I agree. You should definitely go and see another expert and rule out every possibility.

Playing guitar is amazing, but you can stop for a month or two if it means retaining full use of your wrist.
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I'd stop for a while and go see someone, like everyone else said. But don't play bass, doing fingerstyle on huge thick strings will kill your wrists a hell of a lot more quickly than using a pick on a guitar with measly little strings will...
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i hope for your sake its not your w@nking hand, nothing worse than being forced to use the wrong one, its just not the same

Dammit man, stay on topic! This isn't the pit.

I'd get it checked out, and avoid fingerpicking/ thick strings (bass). Also tremolo picking may be a bad idea?

*edit* Try learning some legato techniques maybe? Trills, maybe 2-hand tapping?