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I was just wondering what the difference between the Ibanez RG2550E and the RG2550Z was, as i was thinking of buying one. Iv'e looked arou and the Z seems to be the cheaper, newer model with a zero resistance tremolo, hence the "Z".

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some info on them, as in which one is better for the money ect.

The specs for both models are exactly the same save the colour.
Here are the prices:

Z: 599.00 GBP (inc. case)
E: 649.99 GBP (inc. case)

The E model is meant to have the better tremolo, although I'm just going off word of mouth.
Get the Z, it's nicer and cheaper.

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I would say go with the Z, it's a fair amount cheaper for essentially the same guitar, bar the trem, which is an upgrade anyway I reckon. I own the E myself and it is an absolutely fantastic guitar might I add.
The "E" in RG2550E stands for Edge Pro II tremolo.

The "Z" in RG2550Z stands for Zero Edge (ZE) tremolo.

Besides the minimal cosmetic differences between the two, you might want to take into consideration the type of tremolo you want. I would take the ZE tremolo, since it is generally an Edge tremolo with a "built-in" tremsetter.
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Sorry, but the 2550E has an edge pro, not an edge pro II.

Yeah, they stopped making the Edge Pro II cause it was too expensive. what's funny is it's actually a somewhat OK system.
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