my band is playing for 3 hours minimum at a gig probablly something like a pool hall/bar i forgot, but we need some cover songs because we only have 5 or 6 originals. So what are the good cover songs people at a bar or pool hall like, all we came up with is chop suey, its fun to play... suggestions
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try sweet child o mine if you can play it.
depends really what kind of people your playing in front of which varies from 18-30 in pubs im guessing ( in Australia that is)
My bands sell-out setlist.

AC/DC - There's gonna be some rockin'
AC/DC - Whole lotta rosie
Bad Company - Can't get enough of your love
The Who - Talkin' bout my generation
The Kinks - Sunny afternoon
Led zeppelin - rock n roll
Steppenwolf - born to be wild
Stereophonics - bartender and the theif
" - More life in a tramps vest
" - same size feet
" - maybe tomorrow
Oasis - Supersonic
" - Live forever
" - Roll with it
Free - alright now
Queen - crazy little thing called love
Greenday - american idiot
Greenday - basket case
Arctic monkeys - when the sun goes down
Beatles - Cant buy me love
" - Ballad of john and yoko
" - paperback writer
" - sgt pepers lonely hearts club band reprise
status quo - sweet caroline
black sabbath - paranoid

There's more but that'll do, some ideas atleast, we gig 4 times a week, get payed alot and it never goes down badly. That should fill two 45 minite sets atleast. So it'll put you half way there.