Ok, so i want to record some songs with my computer but i'm not sure how to record the guitar. I've tried putting the mic next to the Guitar amp but it comes out sounding crap. I want to record it straight onto the computer any ideas.
Heres the gear i have

-Dell Computer of some kind
with SoundMax sound card
-Ibanez Pratise Amp
It has an Input, Phones and CD IN Inputs
-Line 6 Floor Pod
has Right Output, Left Output, Phones, CD/MP3, Input
-Audacity on Computer
- A 6.35mm Stereo Plug into 3.5mm Stereo Plug
(Jack to Stereo)

Thank You all who help (If anyone does)
ok dude you're gonna need an interface of some kind, I use a $50 line6 toneport, works great. It has onboard effects & amp models that sound good, or you can get a real mic after that and mic your amp into it.
The first thing I would try is using your Floor POD's 1/4" Stereo out running into your computer's line-in. You'll need an adapter from radio shack and a cable, but that should be extremely affordable.

If that doesn't suit you or you need more flexibility, take a look at the PreSonus Inspire and M-Audio Fast track series of recording interfaces.
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The Toneports are fair units and work however I tend to stay away from them. Also be aware they dont like Vista much at all...

EMU has some USB interfaces in 2.0 format, (0202 and 0404) which are great to start out with. The 0202 USB should work well for you.
DI'ing your Guitar means you will want to use an amp modeling software such as Amplitube.