I need to do an acoustic version of 'Hypnotise'by SOAD for a 'themed open mic nite'.. and i need to do it in standard tuning...
can anyone make this in standard tuning WITH easy fingering? preferably still with some open strings...


btw i do know that you can change the tuning and then transpose....i did that...but i need easier fingering...
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well work out the easier fingering ffs, its not brain surgery if you cant refinger a song and need a program to do it for you you really arent very good at guitar are you. plus just play it in standard with the same fingerings anyways, if its a standalone song then it doesnt matter what tuning its in.

although SOAD play drop tuning so just put your acoustic in drop d and play, really not hard.
the fingering in the transposed version isnt much harder. Why dont u just tune your guitar to match the song?!?