evh does it a lot apparently - so does zakk wylde. i saw a cool 5 second clip of someone doing it in the movie rockstar - but i cant suss it out. i thought i would be able to do it - because you can see what the guitarist is doing, but it wont do it for me, so i think ive missed something.
Theres a clip of zakk wylde doing it on youtube, its pretty simple tho, just play the notes and run the side of your picking hand over thwe strings to produce the harmonics. I'll see if i can find the vid.

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQOVTfRrgWA#

he does it in this video, pretty clear to see what hes doing.
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Just play a legato run with your left hand lightly move your right hand over the string your playing.