i'm looking at getting a bc rich it jr v, but im left handed so i was thinking of getting one and playing it upside down, the problem is one of the strap button is on the top "wing", how would i get it onto the lower wing so i can play it lefty?
are there places you can take them to get stuff like that done or is it a fairly simple procedure,

also, i wouldn't need to turn the pickups around would i and how easy is it to alter the slant of the tune-o-matic bridge to reverse?
also, u will have to play the guitar completely different cause the strings will be flipped...
unless you wanna flip the strings too, but then u will have to do all the ocatave to octave stuff with your bridge i think, plus i dont think they will fit right.
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buy a left handed model??

smart arse. theydont make them left handed.

yeah, i'd flip the strings, i've contacted bc rich and the are symetrical, all i'd have to do is ove the strap button, alter the bridge and flip the nut and swap the strings.

but are there places that can do thisfor you or do i have to do it myself?
and the volume/tone knobs... and the imput jack... they'll all be in the wrong place :| Consider getting a jackson V?
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yeah can work round the knobs and stuff, they dont really get in the way.
i looked at jacksons aswell,
there are no v guitars made left handed apart from some gibsons and a d but i dont like the dean and can't afford the gibson
whether i got esp, bc rich or jackson, my problem remains the same.

is there no where i can can get the alterations done for me?
or do i have to do them myself?
I'm telling you now. You most likely won't be happy with it.

Either learn to play right handed or get a different guitar.
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you can get them done, buts its going too cost quite a bit of money, and like i sed before, its not really worth it.

thats probably true, i suppose it all adds up money terms.
I think if you learnt to play right handed, it would be a massive help... my friend is a lefty and he learnt right handed guitar...hes now ambudexterious! :P (If thats how you spell it) anyway, there is alot better choice of right handed guitars than left!
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...depends ... I sound sh*t nd i'm James Hetfield!

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i've been playing left handed for years now.
it would be too much of a waste of the money and time i've spent on guitars to re-learn right handed.
though your right, if i was to re-learn, i would definately try and learn right-handed.
Iv'e always wondered why they make left handed guitars, are you supposedly better at strumming with your dominant hand or something? Couldn't a lefty learn a right hander if they had never played before?
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Its not an easy thing to change the slant of a TOM bridge. Holes need to be drilled. No on the pickups they work either way. And the balance on a BCrich is bad to begin with flipped would be even worse headstock dive. Way better to get a lefty guitar. I thought many of the BC rich guitars could be ordered lefty.