So, I recently got an SM-57 and an E-MU 0202 interface. I've recorded a quick thrashy tune to test everything out, which you can find on my profile.

I spent most of today messing around with mic placements etc, and eventually found my amp's "sweet spot", about half an inch from the cloth towards the centre of the cone. I went with the hard-panning approach, recording two tracks for each side, and giving the first much more mids than the second. Afterwards I just mixed them down and added a little compression.

As a result I reckon I got that guitar wall of sound nailed pretty well, and I'm very pleased with the chuggy palm mute sound; but I would still like to hear a little feedback. Thoughts, advice, helpful hints?

Cheers Don't be afraid to listen to my other stuff too, and I like ratings very much

EDIT: Uploaded a new version.
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Nice, but a tad too scooped. With vocals in a mix too, the guitars are only going to get more buried than they already are.
I'd say 4-5 on the mids knob is good for metal guitars. Gives it plenty of clarity and that chunky, percussive quality that is oh so desireable.
Also if you keep the mids knob higher on the amp during tracking, you can then cut certain frequencies a bit to accentuate that percussive quality.

When I mix guitar on my tracks, I leave the mids at about 4 while tracking, then I boost at 1.5khz for clarity, and then I *VERY* carefully scoop out a bit at 500hz. And I mean ****ing carefully. Your **** will get buried faster than the deceased if you scoop too much.
A pretty average Q, and -1.5db to -2db cut will get you there.

Also, 400hz for body, 4k for clarity and 6k for sizzle, but take the 4k and 6k with a grain of salt because your guitar loses the in your face character and loses cohesiveness with the other instruments very easily with those frequencies.

This is pretty much how most metal producers EQ guitars. Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap are two that come to mind.
If these names don't ring a bell, Andy Sneap has produced Arch Enemy, mixed Job For A Cowboy's Genesis album, is going to be recording Megadeth's new album, mixed Opeth's Lamentations DVD, and has worked with Machine Head numerous times.

Colin Richardson mixed Machine Head's The Blackening (and maybe produced it too, can't remember), produced and mixed Bullet For My Valentine's Scream Aim Fire (**** music but bloody good production haha) and many others.

Nice song aswell man.
Very old school thrash. Tracked very tight aswell man.

Crit mine?

I'm not too good at reviews but here goes.
Even though it's not my favourite guitar sound, I can definitely hear you put alot of thought in it. I can also hear your playing is very accurate which is great.

For some reason Zombiecaust reminds me of Six Feet Under sometimes even though I heared like 2 of their songs :P

I liked the different intros like the one with the Zombies shouting, where do you get this stuff?
^ Made it all from scratch bro

Bump for moar thoughts. I have uploaded a third, and hopefully final, version. Sounding much better to me than the first and second versions. I followed a little of Dream Pin's advice, and tried a couple of different tricks myself.

Go see what you think people.