hey. my boss pw10 is being a tosser.

my setup is guitar to lead to wah to patch to boss os-2 to lead to amp

ive checked the leads and patch and they are all fine. basically it sounds like the distortion is on full all the time. even though its in the off position on drive (and my os2 off and even when i take it out of the circuit). has the chip gone in the pedal or is there anyway i can fix this?

If you just recently bought it, I would return it and ask for either an exchange or a refund. I used to have a PW-10, and I hated it pretty much from day 1. If you can get a full refund definitely look at other brands.
that sucks
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I have the same problem. Even when I turn the distortion off, it still seems to pump out.

The only thing I can suggest is getting a refund, or if this isn't possible selling it. I seriously regret being suckered in by the variety of effects when the only dceent ones are the UniVibe and the voice feature. The wah is pathetic; I may as well have got a Hell Babe and spent the rest on booze.
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