I wrote this piece in the last two days, and I finished it 5 hours ago. It´s kinda Pink Floydish, but I tried to Solo in my own style. I also did some delay & harmonisation here and there, to create this "full" sound. Also, there are no "dissonant" Pianos in there , so it´ll be a nicer listen than the last one. :P Anyways, have a nice liste.

RSE ready.

C4C as always, the more you write, the more I write.
Pinker than Floyd.zip
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Very, very excellent. Listening with headphones really heightened the experience. There were moments in the 5/4 section where the keyboard grated a little bit because it just sort of sounded "wrong," but other than that, this was a fantastically orchestrated piece. Kudos.
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I liked it. The only problem I noticed was that the delays on the synth in the interlude part clashed with the original notes. So I just turned off the delays.
I'll start this crit with a slight racism: me rikey velly much your Plink Froyds.

That out of the way, this did remind me of Dark Side of the Moon, lots and lots, and often.

...delays were pretty sweet too, musta taken you a while?

The first three bars were nice, but seemed completely pointless, to me...
...bars 2 and 3 just sounded way empty, I'd fill 'em up.

Then that little chord progression riff kicks in, and that is good, especially with the delay, and very Pink Floyd. The synth over it is cool too. Yeah, very Pink Floyd verse.

And the chorus is just perfect, really.

The only problem I really have is the interlude, the synth delays clash a little bit, so I gotta listen to it real carefully. I would hope, if this was recorded, the notes would be less of a clash than they are here. I dunno what plans you have for this piece though.
Personally, I'd take out the synth from the interlude, that way you'd get to hear the guitar part more clearly, and it's a REALLY good guitar part. And it goes well back into the verse.

Did I mention I like how the mood of the verse takes a change halfway through?

The solo's real nice too, but those synth backings... bar 49 is wrong, all wrong.
Take out those synths, or fix them. Yuck.

Back to the chorus, yay =) ...again, I prefer the interlude without the synths. It all seems to flow better.

Solo 2 seems too crowded at the start, it might sound better with just the one synth, and the second one joining in a bit later on in the solo?

I like the unisono part.

Solo 3 is perfect, except for the last ten notes of bar 81, which are all wrong. They do not sound good.

The outro is effing epic, though, the delay really helps to make it huge, too. Everything from here on is perfect, I've only one beef with it, and that's that I hate fade outs, but that's just a personal thing.

Obviously, all of the above is "IMO".

I'm not in the mood for a full crit right now, but let me just say this to you:


See, I just had to make a rainbow text, just to show its epicness.

Probably one of, if not THE best piece I've heard in this part of the forum. That's probably because I'm biased toward anything PF-ish, but damn you pulled it nicely! An easy 100/10 from me

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