Howdy! I'm a NUG here. Sorry if there is already a post about this. . .

My 8 year old son is learning to play, using my Ibanez RG560. It's HUGE for him. I am looking for a good kid size guitar, but so far haven't found one. Does anyone have opinions on a good 3/4 or 1/2 scale electric?

You should check out an ibanez mikro, they're tiny, should be great for him, and it's also great to hear you're getting your son into guitar so early on hope it goes well for him
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You should check out an ibanez mikro, they're tiny, should be great for him, and it's also great to hear you're getting your son into guitar so early on hope it goes well for him


or a squier if he's more into blues(rock) or the softer styles of music (not that the ibanez can't do em)
I will look into these. . . He loves my old Ibanez, so he will probably like that Micro, but he wants a Les Paul. . . The Dean has the Les Paul look . . .

Any others?

i will have to post a pic of him pumping out some power chords!
just letting you know, in case you plan on ordering online.
even the 3/4 guitars might seem a bit big for him.

most small scale guitars have a problem with intonation. so going smaller than 3/4 really isnt a great option.
most of the small scale guitars i've tried out, also need new tuners.

i say this because nothing is more frustrating for a kid (or parent) as when they try to pump out a song and the guitar won't hold a tune.

they're still fun to play, and in general, all about the same in quality.

lastly, keep in mind that an lp style will be the most bulky of the bunch.
have a screwdriver and microcube handy, and let him have at it.

good luck

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I think for someone that young a Squier is the best choice. If you lower the action a touch, the fretboard is perfectly shaped for their smaller hands. I bought all my kids Squiers when they were learning, and the narrow neck worked wonders for their confidence. Also, if the kid gives it up in a year or so, it's not that much damage to your wallet.

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I so want one of these but @ $250, I'm afraid not
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just ordered the ibanez grgm21 for my grandson. he will turn 10 next month and has been taking lessons for a couple of months now, the teacher says he's doing real well.

anyway, after a little research and plenty of positive reviews on this guitar, and the squire mini strat, i showed him some pictures of both to let him decide which one he wanted....he liked the ibanez best. we should have it next week sometime. i only hope it's as good as the reviews...we'll see.

hope this may help a little on your decision. oh yeah...whatching these little folks play
is about as good as it gets.
yeah. . . I was drooling. . . I buy that for my KID? I will eb borrowing it!
I bought my son an Ibanez Mikro, check out my profile. He got it for his 2nd birthday. He can't really play yet, or even make complete sentences, but he has fun with it.

N E Ways, I began learning when I was 9 with a standard scale guitar & I was small for my age.

I know for sure that Guitar Center carries the Ibanez's and the Fenders, check them out.
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A steinberger spirit is 25.5 inch scale but only comes out to about 30 inches long and weights around 6 pounds and would still be fully playable when he gets older.
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Don't get about the Brian May guitars. I've heard several good things about the small versions of those