My friend decided he wanted to start playing guitar, so he went to a pawn shop and bought a 1974 Framus 74C acoustic guitar. I've only looked at it briefly, so I don't know much about it. Has anybody here heard of/handled one of these before? I'd like to know what kind of quality it is. He paid $100 for it. Thanks.
Framus is a well known brand here, and especially in Germany. They used to make guitars in all price ranges, from one off custom shop specials to mass produced plywood cheapies. Some became real expensive collector items, others aren't worth s**t even today. I don't know of the 74c acoustic. A picture would be nice (the C model I know of was a solid body LP knock off, so obviously not the same as your friend's)

Some details of the factory: Framus was founded shortly after WWII by luithier Fred Wilfer and went out of business somewhere in the 1980's, when the founder retired. His son started to build bass guitars which became very successfull by the name of Warwick. A few years ago mr.Wilfer jr. revived the name of his fathers factory and now they once again are making fine electric and archtop guitars.

Look here
Maybe your friends guitar is in there also.
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One of my first guitars was a Framus arch top. Bit of a dog to play but a great tone.

I probably could of sorted it out with lighter strings and lowered the action but I really didn't know what was what back in those days. There was no computers and no guitar sites to find out info. like there is today.
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