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I need some advice from the longboarders that are here. I used to skate (normal skateboards) and was decent in vert and sucked at everything else. Vert was always a lot of fun for me. Sadly there are no good half pipes where I live and I practically quit skating. I thought I'd give longboarding a try, seeing as I love high speeds and I think it would be a good way of getting around town seeing as I drove my bike to a piece of crap. There aren't too many hills in my area or bowls or any of those things, but I still imagine it would be a lot of fun. Do you guys think its worth spending money on? I'm 19 and have never tried out a longboard, but skated for a good 3 years or so. None of my friends own a longboard otherwise I would have already tried it. Its not too popular in Germany. Also, how much would a longboard (one for beginners I guess) roughly cost me? In euros would be great...I imagine its more expensive in europe than in the US.

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longboarding is really awesome if ur into that **** but there pretty expensive like 150 $ ish
yeah! do it!

There are different types of boards for different styles of riding. Since you are in a pretty flat area, you definitely don't' need anything that can handle really fast speeds. A lot of flat land stuff is mostly cruising, boardwalking and dancing. An Earthwing Superglider, or a Loaded Dervish would be a great board for stuff like that.

I don't know about the prices in Germany, but in the US they usually range around 150-300 ish. If I remember correctly there's a store called Bones skate shop somewhere in Germany that has a good stock of longboards.

If you want to learn some more about longboarding check out the silverfish longboarding forums.
Longboarding is ghey. Please refrain from it.
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It's a good way to like...travel, but other than that I don't really...get it.
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I watched some movies and I really like all the sliding. Any tips on which boards would best handle that?
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Wear long sleeves shirts and don't wear shorts. If you fall while longboarding you're gonna lose some skin so cover up.
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