I would love to hear your thoughts on the latest song I recorded. You can listen to it on my profile page: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/BrainDamaged/

No vocals yet, the lyrics are still not done.
Also, please focus more on the material itself and less on the recording quality etc.

Thanks alot,
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Good stuff.

It's a straight up tribute to the likes of Dimebag and Zakk Wylde, with satisfyingly heavy riffs, nice and tight playing. I liked the solo, but it could do to have been a little longer. I'd love to hear it with vocals, as frankly it needs them; but keeping that in mind I won't hold it against you. The drums were simply great.

Mind giving me a little feedback?

awesome song man, loved the drum track, what were you using for that? tone was good, tight playing! bit disappointed to see you didnt have any other songs on your apge to listen to though :P
just to avoid cluttering the forum, i'd like to use this to draw some attention to some great bands that i guess are part of NWOAHM.

A Life Once Lost
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster
The Plight.

some of their more well known influences i guess are

Lamb Of God (whom the NWOAHM's popularity can be most easily traced to)
Machine Head

any thoughts?
i didnt know john petrucci was in this forum. sick riffs, NEED VOCALS BAD. its really boring to listen too as an instrumental, but the playing/timing perfect, well done bro. c4c?