Hi guys, I play alot of punk like blink 182, alkaline trio,goldfinger etc,and was planning on getting the tom delonge sig strat. The only problem is its hard to find. I cant find one anywhere. Should I keep looking for it or will i get a fender guitar and put a seymour duncan invader pick-up at the bridge? cheers, ian
its been discontinued for a few years so you probs wont find one in the shops

try www.ebay.com
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id say just go for a regular strat. the only difference is the pickups and no tone knobs im guessing?

you can slip in different pick ups if you really want to later but i dont think they will be a problem.
Just get a regular Fender strat and put the humbucker in the bridge. That way you still get the tone you want along with the flexibility of having a middle and neck pickup and tone controls.

I've always wondered what the point of paying more for a Mexican made Fender with less options was.
You could buy a mexican strat, the TD pickguard, a pickup and wire it together. I would personally go for something other than the Invader.
I have often wondered where i can get one from so i just went for the tom delonge epi sig, i don't look back but each to their own!

Good luck in finding one!

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thanks guys, mcrfobtai , you said you would get something othe than an invader, what would you get?
why not the tom delonge semi hollow? i think Epi makes one now.
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thanks guys, mcrfobtai , you said you would get something othe than an invader, what would you get?

Maybe a duncan distortion. I'm not really an expert on pups. However, I've played a guitar w/ an invader and it just isn't that great. Plenty of gain, just muddy.
my brother in law has a delonge strat and i liked the sound of it. so i put an invader in my mim start and in a alder body guitar it is not muddy. as a matter of fact the heavier bottom end on the invader really helps to heavy up the sound of a strat.