Hello, what is the best way to plug an electric guitar into a computer? What device should I get? My two main concerns are delay and noise. I want the smallest amount of delay and noise possible.

Thanks in advance.
There are a number of devices you can get for this task. I use a Line 6 TonePort UX2. Theres no delay and no noise at all. (By noise I assume you mean feedback/unwanted noise)

Some sort of recording module. If you have Firewire ports, then definately get a Firewire-based interface. Not much delay if any, and has very low noise. If you have no Firewire ports, then grab a decent USB interface. Line 6 Toneports arent too bad, and come with amp/effect modelling software too.
Get an Audio Kontrol Sound Card

its an external device that allows you to run a perfect guitar or vocal signal into your computer to use in almost any recording program

clear sound, reliable, and technologically up to date with pretty much everything around today

I'm very happy with mine
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I use a Creative X-Fi Platinum, it comes with one of those things that you put at the front of the computer, with plugs and stuff.... If you know what I mean... My guitar cable just plugs right in there, and it works great. At the moment I use it with Revalver (nice modeling software) and it works good with about 7ms of delay (barely noticeable, if that), and my system isn't very good. So I reckon if you used it with a better system than mine (p4 3.2Ghz and 2GB ram) you could get away with maybe 3 or even 1 ms delay. I can use it with 3 ms delay, but it crackles a bit sometimes then. And I really don't hear any delay when it's on 3 ms.

But yeah, this sound card was quite expensive, I don't know the price of all the other stuff that people recommended. But a good sound card has more use than just a guitar plug =D
I have a line6 Tone Port...

The audio driver it comes with is very good, the physical interface is solid and simple...

The processing software it comes with isn't bad either, sometimes the "presets" it gives you are terrible and cheesy... But you can use it as an additional eq control or just for a lot of fun when recording...

I'd recommend the tone port for it's great quality AND great price.

EDIT: The interface itself is USB into the computer, and most of the Tone Port models (depending on it's complexity) have mic inputs as well.
I plug mine direct into the Multijack on my XFI you can get the cable at radio shack (1/4-1/8) I use Guitar rig and get 1ms sounds killer..


if your getting 7ms with an XFI card, update your drivers so the ASIO is also updated..
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I have the M-Audio JamLab, but I wouldn't recommend it.... I'm thinking about selling it, 'cause it just can't do what I need it to do....

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