This will never be a song but i had to put it somewhere....
Hope it makes for good reading.

shoulders bent and eyes to the ground
i walk this life alone
i don't mourn your loss or miss your touch
i hate you to the bone

you tore at me and ripped apart all i ever loved
your sweet words and acid tongue burnt me into dust
your tattooed arms and velvet lies covered your true intent
you wanted everything from me, now nothing you will get

hands turned down and arms held high
i hang here all alone
i feel your anger and i taste your hate
i hate you to the bone

i walked away and clenched my fists knowing that you lied
i stepped away dropping pride never looking back
i turned my back and held my tongue knowing that time would tell
i was going to be a better man, better than you'll ever know

spine that's straight and eyes that face the sun
i enjoy this life alone
i feel again i see again
thank god
i hate you to the bone