Fender '69 Blue Flower Telecaster Reissue:

does anyone have any experiances, i've been wanting a tele for a while now and i loved the sound from this one. but it seems like nobody has one so if anyone has anything to tell me about it please do.

and also, i'm into Radiohead, Bloc Party, We are Scientists, Editors.

so if anyone can reccomend another guitar i'd be grateful.

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If you like it, go for it. You're the one who's going to play it. (Sorry if I sounded sarcastic). Personally I've never played that modal, but I've played other Fender telecasters and liked them.
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yeah i know what you mean but the thing is, i don't wanna be playing something like "Hellicopter" by Bloc Party and it sounding **** because of the guitar. because if you can't play the things you want whats the point in playing.

also i think the Lead Singer of the Wombats has the Blue Flower..
I havent played it but ive played a fair few jap telecasters and there fantastic i have an american ( like russel from bloc party with withrose wood) And on some there hard to see the difference and yeah the guy from wombats has used that one every time ive seen them
yeah i saw one when i went to miami in the dolphin mall.

how much are they in £?