OK my bro has a crappy encore guitar with a single humbucker. He recently gave up guitar though and i would like to mod it a bit as a sort of 'practice' before i try and build a partsocaster. So i would like to know what i could do to this to make it more interesting without spending to much or doing any serious routing.

I was thinking about buying a cheap 4 conductor humbucker and putting in a coil split, but is there anything else i could do?
ya, definately give it the frankenstein paint job. maybe try putting in another pickup for practice, just a cheap one...
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Oh yeah, unsolder everything first and put it back together. It's good practice. Be sure to make a diagram of how everything went together first!
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Relic it. Too many EVH guitars. Unless your gonna do an EVH Zebra or Bumblebee paint job (black/white or yellow/white). Definately put in a new humbucker. And a coil tap mod would be cool. I suggest also adding a GFS Modboard, altho that would require adding some extra knobs maybe.
im alright with extra knobs but i dnt hav the equipment to do the routing for anouther humbucker.

Alao, to relic the body shud i just sand it down or is there a special way to do it?
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