So, I have been playing alto saxophone for 2 years in concert band and have one year in jazz band. This year in Jazz band, I'm going to play tenor, and my question is that will tenor be harder or any different than alto playing wise? any input will be appreciated.
No, tenor is no harder. It is a bit strange at first but no harder. Oh and tenor is better so good choice switching.
uhmm i think you may need a little more breath support but there really is no difference
You obviously need a lot more air support.

I had to play tenor once at a band practice after I forgot my alto, and I could only end up playing 2 notes because I didn't have enough air for any other notes.
Tenor is in a different key
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its the same just in a diff key
a little more air is needed... thats all
and much better choice
It's easier to transpose guitar/piano music onto tenor too. Just in case you cared.
Tenor is a more accessible instrument but the transition from alto to tenor is considered one of the harshest.
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I played tenor at school for a while, and I found breathing pretty easy (mind you, I play flute usually and breathing for flute is tough). tenor sounds better than alto, IMO.
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No it's a fine transition. Assuming you have a solid foundation of fundamentals then you should be fine. A little more air support is needed. Depending on how good you are at saxophone, the transition can get a little rough for the beginning player. I transitioned for jazz band two years ago, I was fine. Use roughly the same reed strength you do on alto. I ended up buying an 80s otto link and a 4.5 strength reed by the end of the year.

I prefer playing alto by far though.