So I played one of these at my local shop. It was heaven, amazing tone, played like butter. The only trouble is, I can't find any info on this bass. I looked on the Ibanez site and it wasn't there. Was it discontinued? Does anyone have any info on this bass?
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Link doesn't work.

Why not just go buy the one you played at your local shop? If it speaks to you, buy it.
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It works now. The only problem is is that they're selling it for £1199, I don't have that type of money, and I just wanted to know whether anyone could tell me more info about it, whether it isn't worth that much, etc.
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
i was talking to my bass teacher about this how you rarely find ibanez basses that cost more that £400 ...but there more expensive models are sposed to be godlike (as legend has it made from the same wood as the ark!!)...(adding biblical refrence to make bass sound even more godlike!!)......but yeh they seem to try and sell there cheaper models for some reason and keep there nicer ones ...why??? cant remeber what he said now but probly cause there selfish and wanna keep the awesomeness for themselves.....¬_¬ bastards!