I am listening and after a few seconds all I hear is a mediocre band not doing anything that original. Not worth all the butt licking NME give them.
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lyrically, they are amazing. i really hope NME doesn't ruin the.
Well i'm glaswiegen and think they are nothing more than decent and dont deserve all this hype. Good band, not a great band by any means.
Isn't all the hype around them because Thom Yorke said he loved them or something?
Can't see it myself. They'll no doubt disappear after two albums like the rest of them.
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Not a fan.

He's clearly forcing his Glaswegian accent when he sings; no-one sings naturally like that.
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Tbh I absolutely despise this band. So many other good bands are out there but most magazines(NME) are licking their arses clean.
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what happend?