I recently put new string on a squire strat that i just got back after 6 months, and when I did, they cause the bridge to pull out of the body very far, thus cause the action to be very high. How do I lower the action or lower the bridge so its farther back into the body of the guitar? Btw I have a start that has the bridge set up for a wammy bar.

I'm guessin you raised the gauge of the string, puttin more preasure on the springs in the back of the guitar... if so simply unscrew the plasic plate on the back, slacken your strings to relieve preasure and add another spring in there. This should pull the bridge back towards the body.

You should have gotten spares, if not go to local music shop and try there.

If you couldn't be assed or don't wanna mess about with your guitar too much then get the people at the shop or a friend you trust to do it for you!

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