So i have been looking around this site for a long time, never actually made an account lol. Besides that.

I found a great deal on a pgm.


Right now i have a Jackson DKMG with Emg's and Floyd Rose. It's pretty much in perfect working order. I don't like the FR, and i don't use it enough for it to be worth the money. I don't hate the EMG's but I want the 3 pickups. I would like a thinner neck too. Can't do Technical Difficulties as well because my hands are small the neck is big. Stupid I know but I have a junky ibby and i really like its neck.

SO the whole point being ima sell the DKMG on ebay (hopefully) and get this PGM. Don't bother asking for an amp (although i know that's what will happen :P) because i',m not currently looking for that. Is this a good idea? I play gilbert...racer x.. neil zaza type sound. Will that extra measly 2mm really going to make a difference?
How much could i get for a year old Jackson DKMG? Would the 18v mod i did increase or decrease price? Thanks so much!
(dont focus on the zaza comment i made lol)

BTW if anyone is looking to buy one tell me or something and we can see. not to get away from the point of this thread.
where about you live, I MAY be interested
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Oh yeah. It's the transparent black finish. Was a little bt more expensive to get, but it looked too cool so i had to get it over the plain one
I would say $350 is fair for it if it has EMG actives and the 18volt mod, but you may have to settle for less.
350$?? Really? the other used DKMGs looked like they didnt go below 500$! and the 18v mod is 100% reversable..in fact if you do "reverse" it it would benefit it opposed to leaving it at 9v the whole time, just because of the new parts and soldering.
^ A quick stroll down 'Completed Listings Lane' on eBay and I have to agree with CJRocker and his estimation. There were actually quite a few guitars that went out cheaper than that too...
The issue is the older models with the EMG-HZs and Turbocharger drive down the value as they are the same model. No it does not make a lot of sense, but because they are the same model, and one is less valuable, people will want to pay the lesser value no matter the pickups.
So if I list is very very specifically, does anyone think i can muster 520$ plus shipping? when i say mint, i mean like. mint. like milano's.
i bought my dinky dkmg for $550 used at GC. it is an older one which they don't make any more, the one with emg hz pickups and an extra knob. i think you could get 400-450 at LEAST if not more. i have seen them on ebay for 350 but mostly they are around 500.
It's basically going to come down to the more expensive it is, the longer you're going to have to wait to sell it. If you want to sell it for like $450 or so, you're going to have to wait a long time before someone is going to pay that much for a guitar when you're competition on ebay is selling it for $50-$100 less.

The 18v mod only costs like $2 also... not really an upgrade, more or less a modification.
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Got it. I dunno. I just figured someone might think that it was a highly technical task..and worship it for its tight low end :P Thanks for everyone's input. It really. really really helps. Anyone happen to know anything about the 2mm difference between the 2 necks? the pgm and the wizard? I don't know if i'm going to notice it...then again i'm 16 ys old, 5"4' and have somewhat small hands. But the deal is for 800$ ish..and thats..like..epic.