So id like to hear from a few people who own acoustics made with bubinga wood. I am considering buying one and wondering, if this is a quality a wood like spruce or mahogany.
I have an electric guitar with a bubinga fretboard (Yamaha) and I know that Rickenbacker uses it on the fretboards of some of their 4000-series basses, so it can be used in both cheap and expensive guitars (though both examples are electric and bubinga is used only for the fretboards, but still...) So I would assume that you get what you pay for when it comes to bubinga acoustics. I suggest playing the guitar before you buy it. Acoustics especially, hold the guitar before paying (buy from a store, not online).
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Also known as African cedar. It comes from the Ivory coast in west Africa. Harder even than maple. Ellis custom built guitars in Australia offer it on back and sides on their expensive models [$5k +]. There is various colours [from grey to almost black] and grain types. A beautiful wood. It's also very common on the handles of custom built knives, due to it's hardness and grain patterns. I used to have a Bow [archery] with a babinga handle. Wow, it was superb looker [and a very pricey bow]. An expensive wood, that's for sure.
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