So I was wondering. I am looking for a very warm and dynamic clean in an amp and I would love to be able to get great blues and rock tones as well, but I am very much a heavy metal guitarist. Is it worth it (sonically and financially) to buy an amp known for its cleans and rock tones (say a vox of some kind) and then bring it into the metal territory with a high end distortion box (say a zvex box of metal) rather than spend a ****load on a high gain amp and settle for a more mediocre clean.

I have about 1200 US dollars to play around with (for combo/head/cab/distortion box/whatever)

Thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated.
Depends what's more important. Not to mention they are mainly high gain amps with nice clean channels.
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Most of the industry standard "clean" amps that I've tried (Fenders, Vox TAE) have squealed like pigs whenever I tried to put a high level of distortion through them. The only 1 I can think of is an Engl Screamer
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What kind of clean tones are you looking for? Are you looking for clean blues?

You could get an amp that is on the verge of being a high gain amp, and boost it a tad. You would still have good cleans as well.
With $1200, you have plenty of options with amps that are both high gain and have the clean channel and mid gain channel you desire.

Mesa Mark III/IV
Mesa Rect/Trem-O-Verb

Are mainly the ones I'm thinking of right now, but there's plenty of other ones, I'm just on my way out atm and can't think of any others right now
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBLbrJxGtro '

The clean part in that song is a good approximation of the tone I am looking for. I was mainly wondering if the pedal thing was a cost effective way to get both good metal and clean tones. And if it is, if I could get some good recommendations for that sort of setup
mesa mark X. no other choice man. you want your cake and eat it to? get a mark i/ii/iii/iv etc.