I have a Peavey Raptor EXP that i pay regularly. i play thru a little practice amp also a Peavey. yesterday i visited a local music shop and played an off brand B. C. Rich styled guitar through a similar styled practice amp. The Off Brand B. C. Rich sounded way better and clearer. The down side about it was the playability was a little on the crappy side. as for my Peavey, its a little dated, it has a few frets buzzing, it just sounds grungy and muddy compared to this particular set up. now the question should i spend the cash and buy the off brand B. C. Rich and there amp. or continue playing my own? keep in mind i love the string action of my Peavey. Please Help!!
It was most likely the amps eq at the music store that made it sound better than your home setup. Sorry, but i dont think any guitar sounds worst than some cheap, modern B.C. Rich.

Stick with your peavey for now. Get it setup by a luthier, and buy a new amp. Or learn how to EQ.
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