So, i got a homework from school, and im gonna draw an album cover. i want a really good loooking one, but not to hard.
And what now?
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You mean.. you want to draw an existing album cover? Or you want us to give you ideas for your own?

i want to draw an existing one
Spinal Tap - Black album
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hah, for me school doesn't start 'til tuesday (or maybe next monday as my house is being sold and i'm moving to a different city and I haven't signed up for school here)
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How the hell is that badass?

your jealous your favorite band didnt come up with a cool album cover like that.....

idk i think it looks sweet
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haha i was thinking on that album when i got the homework :P

Drawing that could be quite tricky.

Painting it would be less so.
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i took a drawing class in high school and drew the artwork for flirtin with disaster, took me almost 2 months but it looks amazing. But for something not too hard, how about appetite for destruction?
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i think im going to try Doppelgänger by the fall of troy.... but keep posting i need all the ideas i can get
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wow that was a really good one, doesent look to hard do draw either
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i think im going to try Doppelgänger by the fall of troy.... but keep posting i need all the ideas i can get

Do Terrapin Station!

Seriously, why would you NOT?
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Do Terrapin Station!

Seriously, why would you NOT?

Dont really like it. It sure got art, but i dont like it
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