ok, I like Dragonforce, and I understand if you don't, but I seriously think this song is funny as hell! I mean seriously, how many songs about ninjas do you hear? what do u guys think? once again, if u don't like Dragonforce, probly cuz u think it all sounds the same, i think the same thing about techno and rap, so just leave it be ok?
I think Dragonforce sucks **** and so does anybody else who likes them.

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I hear you SoCalDirtDragon, I love that song because of how hilarious it is, but also how some if it sounds like they're trying to be quite serious.
I like Dragonforce too, but after a while all their songs do seem to blur into one hyper-speed guitar solo...
Holy **** we should form some kind of DF support group. Think of all the members it would have. All five of them.
Everyone has different tastes...my God when will people learn that...i happen to like Dragonforce alot, and a song about ninja is freakin sweet
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